Toibin Residence


toibin residence, austin, texas

Susan and Feargal Toibin came to us to design them a kitchen, den & mudroom for their existing 70's ranch house in Austin, Texas. Their number one goal was to have more natural light in the space as well as a more functional kitchen. The house has a very open plan and had a formal dining room that we turned into a home office for Feargal, who works from home for several days a week. He was previously working in the bedroom. Our plan and renovation for them had a limited budget of $50K for the entire project. To save money and resources we refaced their existing cabinets and added new cabinets to what they had to complete the space. To minimize plumbing we kept the sink in the same place and opened up to the living room making the two rooms feel more open. The result is a bright sunny family space. 


Above: The glass pocket doors give Feargal privacy for work and allow for the light to flow between rooms.