Our website

I feel compelled to do a post about our website since each time I approach this sort of project, I am confronted with do’s and don’ts. As a graphic designer, this conversation has been endless. Over the years as we go in and out of what a website means and how it functions the rules change. As a professor, we also go back and forth about the meaning of your online presence. In my current state of mind, I am of the belief that a website should be an online you. If social media can co-op all of the spontaneous moments and which are actually totally NOT spontaneous but curated to a “T”, I have decided to make our site our conversation with our audience.

Matt and I are terrible at the curated shots and actually enjoyed instagram before it became a platform of showing off perfection. We are more comfortable with our presence in a virtual world being a bit more thoughtful and process oriented. You’ll see notes on the sides of things, process shots, real life shots, and our “Newspaper” Urbs Post. I want this platform to show a glimpse into our thought process and show our projects as they evolve. When I approached our site grid I wanted it to be like a book, one that keeps changing. A book that makes you want to turn the page.

Lastly, I also wanted our site to mirror our home and studio (note, the studio part is still missing) but in the coming months there will also be a virtual and physical place to shop my collection of goods produced over the years that reflect projects I’ve created that speak to urban life.