Why the city?

For years we have been trying to figure out why we love living in the city. In every neighborhood we’ve lived in, that we could afford, we didn’t get to enjoy many the amenities most people think the city has to offer mainly, walking out your door and having loads of things to do. Constantly living in gentrifying neighborhoods, we find most of that lacking in obvious ways. In other words, we don’t have a walkable name brand grocery store and chain restaurants and bars. What we do have is a neighborhood full of independent businesses and grocery stores that are geared to the neighborhood demographics. Over time our understanding of people and places adjusted, and came to find that what we do have is the opportunity to meet different people from all over the place, many of them hidden in multi-unit buildings, or shabby houses. We get to enjoy riding the train or our bikes to to work and most of all being regulars at the independent businesses only we, the locals, know about. If you asked our families to describe our hood I’m certain they would describe it as shabby, rough, dangerous, with small old houses that need a lot of work and of course, the classic: crowded with people living on top of one another.

Somehow, despite what might be true, we still love it, and see endless beauty in it. In our adult lives we have only lived in neighborhoods in cities with one exception, 2 years ago when we first moved back to Texas.. During that time, we found ourselves living in a house that was too sprawling, too isolated, too dark, and too much to maintain. We made a very quick decision to move back into the city where living is more expensive, much smaller, definitely shabby and of course diverse, socially and economically.

I am a designer/maker who endlessly struggles to find my place within the city to merge my desire to make and sell my goods within my neighborhood, i.e not traveling to other places to sell my things, and Matt is an architect, together we decided to start this blog to tell our story, and hopefully help anyone on a similar journey, or hoping to be, find a way to afford to be in the city too. We promise you won’t regret it.