Reilly School and Park is in the Highland Neighborhood in Austin, Texas. It is a shared park and school playground.

Current Conditions: 


The park is currently a watershed for Waller Creek that runs along the east side of the park. The park is also surrounded by a chain link fence and only accessible evenings and weekends.

Concepts and Studies for an urban park and school gardens & play yard.


We have been studying Reilly park and community for the past year, this is our neighborhood park. Our designs and studies have been in collaboration with the Highland Neighbors, Reilly School, Kerriann Duffy (Reilly 2nd Grade teacher), Austin Watershed, Austin Parks Foundation, and PARD.

We have discovered many things, but the main thing is that Austinites want parks that engage them and are places to play. PARD also has good intentions but our parks have been underfunded and ignored for decades and remain in the condition they were when they were built, some in the 1950’s. Reilly has gotten amenity updates over the years but they have been poorly planned and dropped in place. Also, when public parks get a new design from the city, it is up to the community to raise the funds to build the it.