Urbs is the intersection of the city and home. As careful observers of the urban life, we craft spaces that are a small part of something bigger. Design doesn’t have to be pretentious to be good, it has to be affordable for you and designed to make your life better. We are a crossover of design disciplines because it’s just who we are. We don’t see projects within a home as discreet one offs, we need to understand the whole vision to know how your space should be designed. We want you to work with us to imagine what you want and need, not resort to trends. When we approach your project, big or small, we need to understand what your goals are and ask that you also have an open mind for designs that are responses to your use not necessarily meeting traditions. We know that society is evolving so should the way we live. We also believe that when a home is carefully considered, it appeals to other people who live like you.