As architects and designers we are creating a conversation about our physical place in the city through urban interventions, activations, architecture and design. 


// Who we are //

Architecture/interior design/objects/Graphics


URBS is an interdisciplinary design studio and collaborative that challenges notions of what our city can be and how it will begin to visually take shape as it grows into a dense urban environment. Austin has a unique opportunity to create a city of neighborhoods that are as unique as our culture. We are a city of makers, workers, creatives, DIYers, artists, and professionals. Our focus is on middle-density affordable housing for families, live/work, and neighborhood place-making. We work to create spaces and places for people that challenge conventions and that add to the existing city infrastructure.



Matt Beaton, AIA, Architect

Research: Architecture/Urban Planning

Specialty: Housing

Matt Beaton is an Architect at Nelsen Partners in Austin. He has been working on affordable housing for the bulk of his career. His passion for sustainable neighborhoods goes beyond buildings and into the urban environment. Matt studied architecture (B.E.D.) at Texas A&M University and went on to complete his Masters of Architecture at the University of Illinois, Chicago in 2007. His work with the Chicago Housing Authority led him to draw inspiration for housing for all people who live and work in the city. He is currently involved in the design and construction of over 1000 units of affordable housing in Austin, including the Chalmers Courts redevelopment and The RBJ Center Senior Apartments renovation and addition.  

Alyson Beaton, Designer/Author/Maker/Professor

Research: Micro-economies, city infrastructure & placemaking

Specialities: Interior Architecture/Objects/Graphics

Alyson Beaton is an independent designer obsessed with cities and city life. She studied Architecture (B.E.D.) at Texas A&M University and went on to complete an MFA in Visual Communication Design at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2003. Her research began with her quest to understand suburban sprawl and the birth of the strip mall. She has taught and worked as a designer in Chicago and Austin. Her work includes authoring books, inventing products, and designing spaces that are centered around urbanism and city living. Her product line, Lille Huset Dollhouses, was invented to teach kids about home and neighborhood hoping that through play kids would engage the ideas she is working to spread. Her product line was sold worldwide. Her most recent work engages graphic patterns inspired by city life. Her love of making and being a part of a maker community has fueled her desire for thinking about how to keep makers living and working in cities through creative housing types. She participates in local pop up maker fairs selling her home goods. 

Professor- University of Texas, Austin


Kate Catterall: University of Texas, Austin, Associate Professor of Design

Research: Linking communities through design discourse & urban activations

Specialities: Furniture Design/Object/Urban Interventions




We believe projects should support an architectural infrastructure that brings beauty and harmony to the urban environment.